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All those words are only offensive if you let them be.

They're just words, online, with sometimes little to no context.

On a site that is all about word-association.

Where there's probably a good bit of stream-of-consciousness stuff going on in relation to thoughtwords and their related posts.


(Oh, um, I'm not sure why we can't have strings longer than 20 characters either, but it certainly made this thoughtword a lot shorter)

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Oh shit, the rest of my comment got eaten by my use of the less-than-three emoticon!

Well, suffice to say I agree. People should take offense to the intention behind a word and not the word itself. When I call my boyfriend a retard while affectionately laughing at him for leaving the milk in the freezer, nobody gets offended. But if I were to glare at him and say it in a completely different tone of voice, he would certainly be upset. Same word, different emotions!

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Your word... is niggerfaggot.

PS, you're awesome!

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And here I was hoping that either a definition or an example was going to be given for that epic word.

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I think the word is what you would call Flavor Flav if he put on a dress and got a sex change.

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Cheers to that, Captain Salmon Square! ^^

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