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While trying to think about nuns I found nuns and sex linked for some reason in my mind.

For example, once my hilariously pervy friend discovered that his appartment was across the street from a convent, and he became very excited by the very slight possiblilty that his life could then turn into an imitation of bad porn where out his window he spies young, sexy nuns undressing or enganging in some naughty behavior - I thought that was hilarious.

And one of my friends is considering becomming a nun, and... I have to admit i'm attracted to her. Not so much sexually, but in some ways, still - and I feel strangely weirdly guilty about feeling that about her.

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your nun post is superior to the other nun post. opinion.

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When my mother was a little girl, she used to go to parochial school like her two older sisters. When they graduated, she was transferred to a public school. When the nuns found out she was changing schools, she was locked in a closet for a week. Even after she made the school change, the nuns would yell at her whenever she walked by the school.

She's not a Catholic anymore, but she still believes in God. I have such deep respect for her.

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