My restless mind seems to plague me as I sit here and look out the open doors and windows of the upstairs of my house. I am watching my lovely little spoiled cat. His black and white fir a bit of a contrast against the grey stone of the fireplace. His large green eyes with the tiny back slits peer aroundthe room as he yawns and continues cleaning himself. He is watchign toe world outside as I am, my companion in this otherwise lonely house. It's an awfully large house to be existing here pretty much by myself with this cat.... But, for so long as my breaks are different than the other inhabitants, this is how it shall be when I return here. Though, I must confess, it isn't much different since before I left here. Only, this time, instead of being here all the time, I'm only here every so often. To think I used to slump off down to the windowless beyond and sit there for hours, contemplating, falling victim to the thoughts that still plague me today. But no more! Soon I shall run off and rarely have to be alone here.


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