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We love pomegranate. I am gonna get some pomegranate juice and see what liquors it mixes with. My bet's on triple sec, because everything mixes with triple sec. Probably not rum, scotch maybe, vodka by default, not gin, wine if you're into that, tequila I'll give a shot. If scotch ends up well maybe I'll try other whiskeys with it.

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My bets on Vodka and J├Ągermeister. Maybe.... not J├Ągermeister I just haven't had it recently and now want it. Who you partying with?

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Funny you should say this. I discovered a few years ago that pomegranate juice has that magical quality (much like cranberry juice, but better) to nullify the bad taste of practically any alcohol. Pomegranate juice led me to having the only blackout that I remember ever having had.

Er- having... Yeah.

Point is, let's drink. raises a glass of pomegranate and rum

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Pomegranite is best with vodka, but as black says, it mixes with almost everything.

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blue: We should party when you get back. 44srsly. Call me.

black: We should party, uh, if I'm ever in your stomping grounds. Whenever that is.

brick: We should probably party too. Just because.

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Blue: My stomping grounds are Earth (usually). Leave a shot of rum on your windowsill tonight to draw me out of my hidey-hole and trap me in partying.

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We've been working on Pomegranate margaritas lately and they're starting to come together.....I think it just needs a little sugar....

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Blue: we should party, but I don't party without mah boo. Don't want anything crazy.

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