Well, my friends, it would seem that my good friend Sally D has met her untimely end in the state of Illinois. It had been debated for some time but they have passed a bill in the house that received no objection in the end it seems. 116 members of the Illinois House voted Yea for putting Salvia down as a Schedule I drug..... This is relatively disappointing... now it's only a matter of time before this leaks over to Indiana and so forth.

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How aggravating. Yeah, people will still smoke salvia even if it's illegal, but it's upsetting to think that in the future, people will be sent to jail for it. Salvia has never hurt anyone.

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It seems that most drugs that have been placed as illegal are because the ones incharge don't understand and parents just think that it's another one of those "bad" things they don't want their kids to do...thus... it is illegal

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