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I still feel like I am fundamentally the same person I was when I was eight (8), and I know, intellectually, than I'm not. At least, my body isn't. Since I was eight, I've doubled in height, and every cell that was in my body then has died, and its replacement has also died. If I met my younger self today, I could probably throw him (me) across a room or two. And I have no idea how that happened, because there was never a day when I could look at myself and say "hey, Look! Different!" I never spend long enough away from myself to really realize how the body changes. The arms lengthen, the shoulders broaden, and that one is really disconcerting because I can't see them, so I can't really tell how different they look. Personally, I think dualism is a bunch of hokum, but every so often I am made aware of my body, and I stop feeling like a me and start feeling like the braincaptain of a bodyship.

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I feel like the braincaptain of a bodyship on a very regular basis, almost constantly. It's kindave annoying sometimes.

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I think I only really noticed the changes when I would misjudge how far parts of me stuck out, and I'd run into walls, trip up the stairs... I have never quite mastered steering this infernal contraption.

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