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I try to avoid using sugar substitutes. Ultimately they do nothing for your body...other than give you cancer. In your tea, why not put honey, in cooking, does it really matter anyway? My parents love splenda, it grosses me out, so I'll stick with my honey.

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splenda leaves that taste in your mouth like you just consumed cancer.

because, really, you did.

mmm, carcinogens in my morning coffee..

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Splenda is a fat girl's dream.

A fat girl's very misguided dream.

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Splenda is so goddamn gross. I bought a mix for vanilla chai tea lattes, which said all natural and Nirvana by the cup and such on the box, and then I make a cup and all I can taste is the damn Splenda.

Splenda in Chai tea seems wrong.

Honey is a good sweetener, I agree with the funky dirty green square. I went to a workshop at the Hyatt recently (taking my the place of my boss, who is also my boyfriend's father, because he had just had a vasectomy and didn't fancy sitting for four hours straight, but didn't want to waste his $500) They had single teabag packages of Tazo tea, and small jars of honey. I took all of it. I ended up with six little jars of honey, and about thirty teabags. I didn't feel guilty, because I snagged this all on the way out, after everyone had gotten tea if they wanted it. And the Hyatt can afford some tea and honey. The looks we got in that place were great. Jeez, I digress.

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