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This whole week just about has me convinced that the most altruistic action I could take might be to end my life.

It's fucked up feeling like you don't really want to die but talking this through and burdening someone else with it... I know what it's like to have a loved one breakdown in your arms and I just can't bring myself to put that on someone's heart when it's not even their issue.

But I promise... If there really is anything after this, I'll be missing you all.

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That's never the best course of action. You will burden people more with the constant feeling of emptiness in their hearts if you die, than to just try and explain what's wrong or bothering you. I had a friend who thought this same way and every year since, my friends and I all lose ourselves in thoughts of "I wish I could have helped him." You hurt more people than you help in matters like this.

If you would like to talk on here, send me a message. I care.

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