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More than anything else I am annoyed by single minded ignorance. It bothers me beyond belief. I am having a conversation with a friend of mine over the internet. Granted, he is already annoyed at his signifigant other, but that gives him no right to be rude to me and to those who conform to the Buddhist philosophy.

I tried give my take on his situation by borrowing from a philosophy that i do not necessarily partake in but am a supporter of. Now we are arguing over fine points of life. His blantant lack of respect for not only my person but of an entire philosophical group is just rude. I've been researching Buddhism again lately and thus it is in the forefront of my mind. As he deals with his troubles I cannot help but to bring out some information that I have stored away within my head. I find it poor judgement to say that any one thing is entirely incorrect or entirely correct because there are always exceptions.

It seems we have misunderstood each other on the very beginning statement of our arguement. It still bothers me to know that he would be so quick to assume that we were both looking at this in the same way and that there was something very wrong with my logic.

There are too many interpretations of various things in the world to rest everything in the guidelines of only a few perameters. I would not assert that I am correct on the matter that we're arguing about, but I would assert that he is not correct either. This seems to be how we are any more though. Bickering about such silly little things that really neither of us knows enough about to make any sort of plausible arguement about the nitty gritties. I wonder what has come of us sometimes.

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