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Why with the fighting? Why do you slam shit around and stomp and make me and the dog cringe? Why won't you talk to me? Yes, there's a problem, but it's six PM and NOTHING ON THE PLANET will change things until tomorrow. I'm afraid I'm going to lose you.

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After seeing such great fights as the Rumble in the Jungle (Ali vs. Foreman), 300, Ong Bak, Fearless, and a good deal of other fight movies, I have to say, the most epic fight I ever saw was right outside my school. It was me, Zack, and probably some other people... maybe Kaitlyn was there... I seem to recall her... but anyway, we look down and notice a wasp and a mantis locked in struggle. Once you take the mantis out of its element (speed and surprise are its main tactics), it is really quite useless. Not to mention the fact that it was nowhere near fully-grown. In the end the wasp bit its head off Ozzy-style and flew away with it like a trophy. It was basically the most badass thing ever.

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That does sound pretty epic. Two of my old roommates were play-fighting once. One pounced off of a couch (that was set three feet off of the floor) at the other, and the other just caught him in midair and threw him back onto the couch. All witnesses were pretty stunned.

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