I sometimes like to join online dating sites just to give myself the comfort of knowing that at least there's plenty of single women out there, even though I never actually talk to any of them because too many of these sites require money before you can contact anyone.

Also, dating sites often provide hilarity now and then, when you find a profile from a particularly bad example of the human species, which you can sort of imagine wind up on dating sites often.

Myself, perhaps, included.

In any case, eHarmony is a crock of shit. You know they have those commercials saying how they match you using their patented personality profiling test?

Well, I started to sign up and took the fucking test which takes forever to complete...

...and they would not let me join the site, as I got back a result which basically said "You are of the 10% of people our test does not work on."

which basically means "Your personality is so fucked up, we probably won't be able to find anyone right for you."

Thanks, jerks!

One of my friends experienced the same results as well.


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