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Gay men really turn me on. Gay porn doesn't do it for me. But gay films, oh man. I'm a female if that makes any difference. The gayer the better.

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What exactly do people think the 'gay agenda' is, anyway? Maybe this: 1. vacuum, sweep hardwood floors, dust, tidy up and do laundry. 2. check email, RSS feed, read a bit of news. 3. Shower and get dressed. 4. Go to work. 5. Work. 6. Come home from work, change into comfier clothes, call some friends, and have them hang out. 7. Work on the GayerUpper, a devious machine designed to interrupt 'normal' brain waves with totally ostentatious fantabulous ones. Plot fornication in the streets, millions of young boys coming home, asking their dads if they can take ballet or tap. Young girls are to go home, cut their hair off with scissors, burn their bras, and put on an old flannel shirt of their father's. Children then meet in secret to trade Barbies for Matchbox cars, makeup for insects in jars. ** I mean, seriously. I don't understand how people can really believe there's a methodical system for 'recruiting' gays. No one recruited me into liking the female mind and body (In certain circumstances, I don't want to propagate the stereotype that gays and lesbians are attracted to EVERYONE in their gender.) Christ on a buttery biscuit.**

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