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There is this strangeness in our society to try to be "normal". Perhaps most societies are like this. I really don't know. Why? Mathematically normal is a synonym for average and why would a person strive to be average? How do you fix this? Where do you even start, so the next generation knows that it's ok to not be "normal" ?

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I feel like the upcoming generation's parents are the least "normal" of them all. With that being said, those insecurities and penchants for liking similar-seeming people to ourselves is a human trait, I think. It's not something you can drop like it's hot.

There are benefits to being known to be normal. You can be accepted socially, which is a lot of people's main goal in life. It gets you chicks n dicks, which is a lot of people's main goal in life. It gets you money & fame.

That being saidI kinda feel hopeless in this fight against Normal. The standards might change, but everyone will eventually be excluded in some regard, one way or another.

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It all got so normal. Everyone I knew talked about drugs. We made wordplays and talked about the stupid shit we did while fucked up. We stopped caring that they were illegal. What does that matter, compared to the fact that I can't find anything? Illegality was a non issue. We were the East Germans, oppressed, living our lives how we wanted, not how they were dictated to us. I still feel this way, but my idea of personal freedom doesn't match a lot of peoples. We lived for the ring of the phone, our guy has a guy has a guy. Hand over your mortgage payment, sell your shit. Feel confident and unafraid. In a society where we need drugs to feel confident and unafraid, it's not MY drug problem, damnit. It's everyone's.

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