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I'll be missing you always, even though you're never far away A phone call An IM A plane, train, or car ride Or maybe even a dream

Just a dream away

But I'll be missing you always, that is until we're back in the moment. That one moment where there's nothing holding us back. Where I can look at you and know I'm safe

It's just a dream away

I miss the texture of your hair against my face and neck, the way your look at me when we're alone and no one can share the moment. I most especially miss the way you talk to me, as if no one else can understand. I miss talking to you about things that are going on.

But you're not far. Just a dream away.

And so, now, as I prepare to go to bed, I remember. I remember all the times we spent together just being with one another and enjoying the moments. I'll be missing you always because I know we can't have that anymore. Two different worlds we have now. I can only observe yours through words you say and inflections you use, but I don't think you view mine as easily. I miss sharing it with you. So I'll be missing you always.

See you soon.

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