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There are small, isolated moments in our interaction that make me love you so much that I shake. When our hands touch incidentally, I just want to linger there and tell you how much I crave your contact. It's the perfect mix of longing and logic that makes me feel alive.

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Her. The burning lust for, her. The overwhelming scent of, her. The need to be around and engross myself into her soft breasts. Her, hands blessed by angels gliding their silk tendrils across my body, draping me in bliss, erecting my lust to its full extent She, is on my mind, on my lips, kissing me fully whilst slinking her velvet body down mine. She, evokes tremors throughout my being and plunges me into depths previously unknown. She, Is my escape, My bliss, My life, My love

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passion, anger, aggression, sadness, loneliness, despair, depression, happiness, euphoria, feelings, humans, nations, imaginary borderlines that we associate with, time-a manmade construct, money-a piece of paper we place value on. this world continues to exist because we, as a species, continue to make this same world vision is our collective dream of the way the world works. dream it differently. and stick to those dreams. find the higher truth, and stick to that higher truth. make all of your actions align with those decisions of yours, make all of your speech align with those decisions, make your thoughts align also. be open to letting your own inner and higher self guide you. and dream a new world. its the only way it will come into being. come into existence.

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