has been an addiction.

It increases your heart rate. It's bad for you. It's a high for those who are exhausted.

I went three days without sleep with about 5 redbulls each day. I felt like I was killing myself. My heart was racing and asking me too stop. But with each pop of a can, that pssst it makes, made my heart shudder and beat even faster. My heart was up to 110 beats per minute and that was during a fall. I can't check when I'm on a high.

Always after one I feel cracked out and crazy. But it's usually followed by no sleep the next day either. Or alcahol later that night and yet another redbull following that...

Sometimes I wish I had enough money for coke because that always made my friends able to stay up better then redbull could ever. But maybe that's an insane notion.


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