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10-12 years, then I'm gone. If it weren't for my kids...I'm tired.

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I am 41, and still afraid he'll hurt me. I don't want to feel fear or grieve what should have never been anymore.

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I'm exhausted...mentally and emotionally and physically exhausted.....I desperately need to work on something that isn't real work. I've been studying my ass of for all these fucking tests and I have one more today....then I have three more before I'm done for the year. Fuck this shit! I just am tired of people touching me right now, and I'm tired of doing all of this stuff that I have to do. It's just all so stupid. That's how I feel right now....but by tomorrow it'll all be okay. I wasted time yesterday playing guitar for three hours ..... I really should have been working on my homework instead....Had I done that I wouldn't have fallen asleep on my fucking physics book... I'm more than mildly irate but ti's all passing.

The worst part is I haven't been able to let off any steam in a long time. Perhaps I could just go and make out with one of my friends for a long time. That'll calm me down at least. Next week I'll go hit things and then I'll be level again. I'm fine now, but not level.

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You echo my current sentiment more or less exactly. I am so sick and tired of absolutely everything right now, especially working on my assignments for uni.

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I understand entirely! Maybe you should talk to one of your friends...that may help....

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