On my back, I have a large image of a bird cut into my skin.

It's been there for almost two years, but I never cease to be fascinated by the texture of the scars.

I guess it shouldn't surprise me that when others see it, they immediately want to touch my back.

But, I hate it.

I love the interest in the piece, and I don't mind answering questions about it. I love that people are slightly confused, that they can't wrap their head around the fact that I would have an image cut into my skin.

I never explain aftercare to them. I am afraid that they would be horrified.

The thing that I hate is... being touched. It always happens without warning, like their hand shoots out and then they feel like they need to explain.

Explain first. Give me a little bit of warning.

I just feel so uncomfortably vulnerable when people start touching me unexpectedly.

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I feel the same way....and honestly, WOULD NOT TOUCH SOMEONE's scar, even if it was shaped like a bird. It turns my stomach, actually. I'm just being honest not like....condemning? Sorry if I come off like a bitch ....

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