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I enjoy scanning the car stereo on entering a different city. Especially the big cities where there isn’t enough space in between stations to even whisper. I’ll always find some kind of music or conversation I’ve never heard. And yes, there’s always a few stations dedicated to our Spanish speaking neighbors. When I first landed on an ethnic station I was sure that I was picking up extraterrestrial Martian talk on accident. I remember driving west with my family to Iowa where, through the radio, I learned that not only was there country music, but a dozen different types clogging the entire airway. I naturally went without radio that trip. But my biggest joy and concern was finding an alternative music station. Not pop, certainly not country, not adult contemporary, no oldies, not soul or jazz, but that which most stations would not air. You know… the kind of music that matters and that you can actually learn something from.

I’m driving my blue ‘67 Dodge with one person riding shotgun and three people in the back. That’s alright, I can handle these crammed conditions. Actually it’s quite fun, although the air inside the car is slowly becoming saturated with exhaust fumes and my tape player has broken down.

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I heard a song on the radio from a band I've never heard on there before. I've liked this band for about eight years. I'm happy that they'll be on there, but the elitist asshole part of me is horrified.

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Mindless Self Indulgence.

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Woah, Mindless Self Indulgence is on the radio now? I'm surprised too.

But then again, I listen to little other than NPR, so I'm totally out of touch when it comes to the Top 40.

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I missed the MSI concert here because of work. Fucking work. Oh well, it sold out anyway.

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