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sometimes i feel like a stalker on here. I'm always checking daily to see what other people have to say. And, I've begun to notice something.

I'm slowly thinking that I know some of these people. Not just "sympathetical knowing" but know them in "real life"

And its hard not to say anything to them. I would never want to make them uncomfortable or publicly out them but its a bit awkward.

Am I the only one that feels this way?

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I'm almost 100% sure I don't know anyone on Ether in real life, or at least outside of the Internet. It's vaguely comforting.

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I know who I know, and they all know me. But the entire member base of Ether save for two people have no idea who I am, and vice versa. I might have met a few of them before, but I wouldn't know it, and they wouldn't know either.

Like the person above said, it's comforting. I love it here.

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Oh I know I've combed through blogs because I think I know who a person is. But, I like the not knowing. I know two people on here and I'd like to keep it that way!

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i'm glad you only get a color on here. truly makes posting an easier thing..

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And when you realise that some people have more than one colour, you start getting headaches trying to figure out who's who. I don't recommend it :p

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i know for sure one person on here, because she told me about it. i love it. anonymity

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I know two people on here and maybe more, I'd be curious, but rather keep the person anonymous. I do sometimes feel like I know these people, but then I realize that there is such a dynamic difference from this to real life.

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