I don't believe in the supernatural, but damn, that girl casts a spell on people. You can't hate her when she's around, no matter how much of a bitch she's being, even to you. Somehow she inspires this insane empathy and friendship that she just doesn't deserve. Sure, as soon as she leaves the room the spell can fade and you might remember everything she's done that annoyed you, but it's too late now, right? Fuck her, I say. She's just a tumour, growing fat and lazy on the love people can't help but give her, taking what she hasn't earned. I'm going to excise her from my life, because she doesn't deserve my time and attention. I don't need to waste my time feeling hard-done by or angry, because I know she'll pay herself back with another horrible self-loathing mood swing. And I'm done caring. I'm even going to unfriend her on Facebook. I mean business! :v


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