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well fine then. go do what you seem to believe that you have too. but do NOT expect me to support this. i guess sometime in the next few months, when you realize that "doing it right" is a lot less fun than "doing it wrong" we can talk about you you are stuck and sad. until then, adios! bye bye! see you later! poor thing. i almost pity you.

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In terms as vague as you would like, what constitutes "doing it right" vs. "doing it wrong"?

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turns out "Doing it right" is taking time to get to know someone, blah blah blah. "doing it wrong" apparently means meeting someone, getting hit with an intense wave of lust and spending the next hour ripping off clothing and slamming against walls THEN talking and blah blah blah

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i think you can do it both ways but it just depends on the mindset of the people involved. i mean sometimes "doing it wrong" really doesn't end up well for people and ditto for "doing it right". it's all about whether or not both people want a lasting thing

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i suppose in some cases. in this case the person has spent the last three years trying to have "the right" kind of relationships and has been miserable. she fell for my friend in a crazy lust filled way and they were crazy happy for a while. then they had a fight and suddenly my friend wasnt good enough and their 9 month relationship was a "fling".

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