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every time i sign on, i pray to see a blog written by you. your words hit me like no one elses do. i want them to be about me. i want to be swept away by the imagined tone of your voice. i want to read the secret thigs that happen in your mind. i want to be able to live in your thoughts for a moment. i want to know how you fell about sex, about love, about politics and life in general. i want to know what makes you happy, what makes you sad, how do you feel about kisses or flowers or music. write to me. write for me. just write. your words get me though.

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I feel exactly the same way about someone. Unfortunately, he hasn't updated his blog since June. >.

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Same, though it's been... longer for me. Hurray.

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my writer is a greenish bluish grey color. dear green blue greyish square- please write again

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i've given up on the people i was ether stalking, but i wanted to thank you for the topic idea.

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I had an Ethercrush once... then she messaged me and was like "oh hey I really dig the way you write" and that made me happy.

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