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I don't rightly know why, but I seem to get some kind of perverse pleasure from letting guys come onto me, getting their hopes up with all those little body-language cues that say I'm interested, and then shooting them down. Not too hard, but enough to be embarassing. They inevitably try to laugh it off and move on, but I can see it sting.

I love doing this. I am a bad person.

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Fuck, sorry about the blank comment! It was supposed to say: Dude, you aren't alone. I'm not one of the women who do this, but I thought it was pretty much a given that girls love doing it.

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i figured id follow the blank comment trend :)

but yes, i love doing this. most guys hate it. it doesnt mean we wont finish you off. just one day, do the same to us.

two way street.

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My cock is strongly ambivalent about being teased.

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Is it sure about that...? Maybe it should give it a try sometime ;3

(Also completely unintentional empty comment I swear!)

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I've been cockteased quite a bit in my life and I'm not sure whether nor not I'd rather have just been ignored. By analogy, it feels like I'm dying of thirst and being beaten to death with a bottle of water. Or by not-analogy, horny and being teased mercilessly with a great pussy.

Cockteasing can reach a critical mass whereat the guy, who likely was aware of being manipulated the whole time, finally decides that the prospects of fucking no longer outweigh the indignity and he just gets pissed. Thereafter, he can only be placated with a hasty consolation-prize handjob in a nearby bathroom.

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Which, by the way, he will probably have to administer himself.

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I'M TRENDY. Seriously, cockteasing is fun, but I usually do it for a while to whoever I'm planning to eventually sleep with, and then... sleep with them.

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