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Last night I went out to eat with Lauren and my dad. He was telling us stories of his college days when he used to be in a fraternity at Purdue. He explained the initiation process that they conducted every year for new pledges and how it always had to be something different. He told us about the initiation procedure that he had invented... it was called "the fizzy."

I had a few ideas of what a fizzy could be and didn't think any of them were pleasant. I imagined that it might have something to do with urine or soda. Perhaps even alkaseltzer or beer. There are a lot of things that come to mind when I think of "fizzy." Despite my efforts to figure out what it could be I still had no clue.

My dad said that they would make the pledges line up in front of the frat house in their underwear. The frat members would deposit a large amount of baking soda down the front of their underwear and follow it up with vinegar. A chemical reaction occurs in their panties.

It's exactly like the old science fair project "the volcano" only it's inside someones underwear. I imagine that it felt rather strange to have your testicles caught up in such a bubbly sensation. I know that vinegar has a nasty smell to it and I'd be willing to bet that anyone undergoing a fizzy wouldn't have the best smelling junk. I wonder if the smell comes out after a single shower.

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