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I was floating around in the ether when I came across this word.


Really? It just sounds needlessly frilly to me... panties... is there a distinct difference between panties and "underwear?" The word panties makes the word underwear sound like some crosseyed yokel.

Now I can't decide what my particular undergarments are... are they panties? or just underwear? Well, their not especially frilly, I don't care THAT much what they look like (I mean, really, at this point in my life, who's going to see them anyway...) just that they're comfortable... but they're not completely ugly and tighty witey plain old underwear-ey either. This is probably too much info. Psht.

Maybe I'll pretend to be british and call them "knickers."


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But... but... gah! I don't want them to be considered frikken "girly"... it's just a bit of cloth to cover my arse... some of it is mildly entertaining, and some not... it's not lacey or bowey... it's just there, lurking under my pants.

Guys have it easy, they have technical terms like boxers, breifs, boxer-breifs, tighty whiteys and whatnot. We just have the all encompassing "panties." grumble....

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We have those terms too!

Brief, bikini, string bikini, hipster, boyshort, girl boxers, thong, g-string, etc.

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Far far too many choices... girls are too... girly. Also, I generally have no friggen clue what "style" my underwear are unless I'm staring at the package. When people refer to them in genral conversation they generally say "panties" instead of "boyshorts" or whatever.

suspants (soo-pants)(as in "below pants, or under-pants) sounds less girly to me, and more dignified. That is the term I am going to use from now on.

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Maybe I stand alone on this one, but I enjoy having a super girly name for my undergarments.

To me saying "I'm going out to buy some new panties" sounds kinda cute and playful. Whereas "I'm going out to get some new underwear." somehow sounds mundane.

There is a good chance this is all because of societal pressures for women to wear cute decorative undergarments. But in any case I am a fan of the term panties.

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You know, outside of America they call general underpants 'pants' no matter what style they are nor the gender of the wearer.

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i like the term "panties." it's fun. and you can call any underwear panties. it's subjective, just like "soda," "pop," and "soft drink"...they're all the same thing. so if you don't want them to be panties then don't call them "panties."

...or you could simply stop wearing underwear. your choice.

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I support the idea of banning panties altogether as a means of avoiding these arguments.

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Sometimes panties are completely necessary.

Could you imagine getting on a subway in any large city wearing a miniskirt and no panties?


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The word itself makes me smile like a little boy.

I can't lie.

I am smiling now. An ear to ear smile.

Teehee, "panties."


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Ahh fine... you all keep your silly "panties." Or remove them as the case may be.

Point is... I dissasociate with anything "cute" most of the time. Growing up with brothers it was dangerous to tread near anything remotely cute. Hence, I would prefer to trapieze around in trees instead of giggling at the mall.

I dislike pink... probably because I always had to be the pink ranger... and I always wanted to be the red one. In all the other imaginary games, I was queen, but oh no, can't have a girl be red ranger. Frig.

Anyway... cough Enjoy your word for whatever you prefer to have beneath your pants/skirts/trenchcoats.

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I used to be afraid of Victoria's Secret. I wouldn't go in there, flat out refusing to be caught in a place where the undergarments cost more than the jeans and the shirt I was wearing, combined. Other than that, I just didn't really see myself as a Victoria's panties kind of girl. I had no one to wear them for, and no real reason to wear them for myself.

And then for the hell of it, I bought a pair of black silk panties, and a lacy black bra. They were far more comfortable than I expected, and despite the distinct lack of fabric in certain regions, everything still felt just fine. In fact, better than fine. I was walking through the mall in plain jeans and a sweater, but I knew that underneath? I was -hot-.

It gives a little swagger to your step, you know? Knowing that you're wearing drop dead sexy panties, even if nobody else does.

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The elevator doors closed and my hands began to admire the short skirt that my eyes had been admiring during our walk through the library. I could tell how much she wanted to feel desired. Indeed, she excelled at transforming herself into an avatar of desire, her exquisite intelligence and beauty blending her into my lust like a chameleon.

The elevator doors closed and my hands shot out to her as our eyes locked fleetingly before a kiss. My left hand drawing her lower back toward me, my right hand drawing a line up her leg to her hip.

The elevator doors closed and my hands discovered in the first moment of our scandalous embrace that there was only skin beneath her skirt. She giggled.

The elevator doors closed and my hands, arms, lips, and the rest of me made the best of fifteen seconds.

The elevator doors opened and, out of breath, we hurried to a hidden corner of the building to finish what we had started.

Several times.

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Panties are wonderful. I don't mean huge hot-air balloon grandma panties, but sexy ones. Thongs and g strings are so close to nudity, but they have those little accents. It's the best way to be nearly naked and have little bows and such at your hips without some strange piercings. Cotton panties, when cut right, are unbelievably cute. With small patterns or feminine (but not tacky) designs on them, of course. Bikini cut underwear of all sorts of fabric can also be sexy. Velvet, silk, satin, and smooth blends of other fabrics are quite nice, because you can feel fingers tracing your skin more than with granny panties, but there's still that barrier.
Boy shorts can be cute, but you have to have the right hips and gams for them. They're more "Aww" than "ooh baby." Ruffles on panties, especially ones that cover most of the ass like bikini cut ones, have that Lolita effect, both adorable and sexy at the same time. Snaps or ties on the hips are also veryh erotic. Ones that come undone in the crotch aren't so elegant, and therefore not as attractive, to me.

Of course, I also get turned on by being laced up in corset, my breathing restricted, my breasts raised up and smashed a bit, so what do I know?

Panties aren't quite pointless, though. There are times during most girl's period when a tampon is overkill, and it's dangerous to wear one, because the blood flow isn't heavy enough. (Yum, I know) Therefore, sometimes a pad and underwear are more appropriate.

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They are pointless. The only purpose they serve is that of "vagina wrapping paper," to hide the goodies inside until the appropriate time of unveiling.

Personally, I don't wear them. It helps with the sex life. If the pants come off, action ensues. There is no in-between middle ground, no buffer zone to nookie. Let's just get down to business.

I dream of a panty-less world, where people will just cut to the chase instead of stalling and wasting thier time and spending hard earned dollars on pointless pieces of frillyness.

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