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Icepops are a wonder food product that isn't really food but kool aid frozen. However, it has this perfect state somewhere between frozen and not frozen where my roommate last year and I agreed there should be alcohol added. Just take the tube, fold it in half, then cut it in the middle and add alcohol to this strange slushy. Suddenly you have an amazingly cheap and tasty mixed beverage.

I don't really know why I thought of this right now other than the fact that I'm chewing on this frozen pop wishing I had some alcohol...

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I'm going to try that now.

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A friend and I used to do that exact thing back in high school... I spent all winter drinking Chai with rum in it. Then it got hot outside. I threw ice cubes in it. I have this loathing for things watered down, so that was a fail. Then I made a tray of chai ice cube. I've always like cold chai anyway. Also, if I want something tasty but I'm not actually hungry, the ice cubes are good. Toothpicks make them easier to handle. Oh, and I can use more rum. Hot alcohol has never agreed with me. Uhh.. point being hooray for experimentation.

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Be honest adding alcohol to anything makes it better :)

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