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When you're not quite paying attention enough, or you're just a little too tired or drunk or horny... and you catch yourself just a moment too late. You think 'why did I do that??' but you know the reason; you wanted to do something you knew you shouldn't, and in a moment of inattention and weakness you went and did it anyway, before you could self-police it. In other words, I should probably have gone to bed an hour ago because with the infinite canvas of the Internet stretching before my sleep-deprived brain, I am likely to do something silly that I'll regret later. It'll be a great idea until the morning though, I'm sure.

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Gawd do I hate those times when I've been too drunk and too horny! It didn't help matters when my older, supposedly wiser sister just hinted at like..say....jumping my brother's friend's bones. Jaysus was that a huge huge HUGE HUGE HUGE mistake! I thought we liked each other, but then when I jumped him (seriously...he was on the other side of the couch...but no, that wasn't good enough for me!) eventually he sobered up. Quicker than me. . .

At least I know now that fucking a brother's friend is not something I'd want to do any time soon!

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