I'm used the the cramps, the feeling gross and tired, and the overall vague sense of agitation. These are things I've come to tolerate in the damn near 10 years since my first period. But the sudden, weepy hormonal shifts? Those can go fuck themselves. Watching twenty seconds of The Lorax and bursting into tears is just not okay with me.

Iiit's that time of month again, folks! Yep, I'm tired and nauseous and sore and depressed and hormonal and BLEEDING FROM MY LADY PARTS.

And I have to work tomorrow, meaning four hours constantly on my feet running around like a whipped servant girl!

Some days, it fucking sucks to be female. I just want to curl up and sleep for the next four days...

I'm tired.

I'm moody.

And no amount of chocolate can satisfy my cocoa craving.


Sometimes being female blows.


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