I wouldn't want to have a natural birth because it would stretch out your vagina and the tearing of really anything. Can you ask for a c-section? I know that certain doctors won't allow it... and I know that the c-section would be brutal and a longer recovery time, but natural birth seems so insane I'd raaather not.

Now I'm not at all pregnant, too young to really even think of children (only 19) - even though there are plenty of teens my age and younger having children. Just 32993f said something about marriage and that makes me think of babies.

Now I know babies are well worth the pain as most mothers would say, but I'm just thinking of it in the biological sense, not the emotional one.

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I think it depends a lot on the doctor/hospital policies. Some places only let you have a c-section if they think there's the possibility for birth complications. Some hospitals will be more lenient and find an excuse to do a c-section, and other's won't.

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For what it's worth, I've had sex with a few women who have had children, and I've never noticed any significant difference 'downstairs'. That doesn't change the fact that it must hurt like a motherfucker, though.

The baby-having, not the sex.

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I think a chick with a kid's been coming on to me lately. That or she's just being nice. Or she's crazy and manipulative and trying to break me. I mean I wanna be not paranoid... but she's crazy and probably manipulative.

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I'm learning about this. It does stretch, but not much. And kegel exercises can be done to tighten it again.

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