I got married.

I used to be so against the idea of marriage, but now that I am married I realized that I had no Idea what I was talking about. It's absolutely wonderful to have a constant companion. A best friend, and a lover in the same.

I guess what I'm trying to say is....don't knock it till' you try it.

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I'm quite looking forward to it, too!

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When I find someone who I truly love and would enjoy being married to, I will get married.

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I really want to get married one day. I really think I'm too catholic not to.

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I want to get married too. Seems like a really fun time... I just recently decided I want a small completely not formal beach wedding. But I would never get married after only a year... I've seen so many quick weddings, its crazy.

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Please disregard that thought. Marriage was not a good choice lol.

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He got married?

Finding out that guy you briefly dated in high school got married is the type of thing thats supposed to happen when your 30.

I just ... he's married?

I've been thinking a lot on the concept of marriage lately. The whole idea of it seems silly to me. Granted I've seen a lot of good, happy, successful marriages but I've also seen some awful ones where one or more persons in the family are being abused or they simply aren't happy. For me, I don't really know one way or another if I really want to get married. Today one of the people that I would consider marrying out of the blue told me he could never marry me because he would get bored. I'm thinking, "Oh...thanks, jackass!" but I was just going to play the confused card and go with it. No point in arguing over something that I don't care about. I could see us together. Though...later on he did allude to the two of us having children after my, admittedly selfish, statement on how he should have children so that I could play with them. All the same, I think that I'll not get married.... ever....

I've thought about the idea of marrying someone for the sheer benefit of having a life partner. So I thought I should marry someone who I am solely intellectually attracted to and simply marry them for their mind because then, if by some odd chance I become old, I could be with them beyond the years of beauty. Then we could each go our own way for physical partners and simply be the greatest of friends who have tax dependents. It works...

If my mother saw this she might very well shit herself. She has always envisioned me marrying some "nice young man" who would "take care of me." As if I need taking care of. I used to agree with her, but now the idea of a single relationship for the rest of my life seems completely preposterous. All the same.... I could live without people and I never intend to have children because that, too, is a silly idea to me, but I should like a life partner to appreciate things with. To explore with. To be the dearest of friends with me until I move on.