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I was on my computer last night, when all of a sudden balloons and confetti dropped from the ceiling, along with a banner that read "Congratulations! You Have Seen A Total Of 10,000 Vaginas On The Internet!"

I wonder if I'll win some sort of prize once I inevitably hit 100,000.

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Me: Check out the sheets. Your effluence has graced them with a stain. Again.
Her: Huh? It's not that time of the month, so I'm-
Me: No, not that effluence.
Her: Oh. (inspects) But I wasn't even up at the head of the bed.
Me: No, but stuff that was in contact with your nether regions were. Remember that you're like a little lawn sprinkler down there.
Her: Well what can we do about that?
Me: I don't know. I could lube up with baby powder before we have sex. (laughs)
Her: Thanks, but I'd rather not make gravy in my vagina.
Me: More comedy gold for Ether, coming right up.

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there is now an actual perfume that smells like vagina.

like, I mean, it intends to smell like vagina, and succeeds.

The actual name of the product is Vulva.

It boggles the mind.

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Only 19.90 euros!

(P.S. This is creepy as hell. If a guy was like sniffing my vag, I would be a lot freaked out. I think smelling bottled vagina is twice as creepy.)

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Did you know that there is an actual “love potion” which translates into a perfume of sorts that contains a woman’s…well, her menstruation blood because it contains strong pheromones that are suppose to attract the opposite sex. Supposedly the scent is extremely subtle but extremely affective.


Now thats weird

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