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There was definitely a feel of 'pranking' in this dream. First, I was sneaking around in a building based on the Burkhart building. I was trying to find the room of a specific employee, but couldn't find it. I was in a supply closet, when suddenly the director of the building or chair of the department or president of the company or whatever comes up behind me and asks me what I'm doing. Since I was there for illegitimate purposes, I had to lie. I grabbed two big pieces of cardboard (white I believe, and each in the shape of a fly's wing, about the size of a small surfboard), and said that I was called over to evaluate the motivation of a couple employees. Or give a motivational speech or something. Something to make them more productive. I pointed to my pieces of cardboard as if they were part of my presentation materials. He/she went away, I went into the room that I needed to get into, I left.

But on my way out, I noticed a police officer talking to a man sitting at a table in an outdoor cafe. The police officer was being an asshole and the guy was being lighthearted and humorous. After not taking the police officer as seriously as he wanted to be taken, he was given a ticket for some bullshit reason and interrogated for something. The guy then talked about his recent quest to get a key. He said that he went to his mother's house, then to his mother's boyfriend's house, then to his stepmother's house, then to his father and father's boyfriend's house (they were living together) but his search yielded nothing. When the cop was being more of a dick to him, he gave me a glace as if to say "Hey, can you believe this guy?" and I returned it.

On the way back home, I found my way into someone's backyard. For some reason. My intentions were to prank them somehow. In the backyard was a walkway with a large, blue mailbox at the side of it, the kind that you'd see on a streetcorner. I started to try to move it when I noticed that the ground that it sat on wasn't solid. All of a sudden, I had trouble keeping it upright and its legs kept sinking into the ground. I noticed a note on it that said "You have been pranked" and a square patch of lawn underneath it that looked like it might have been dug out and replaced with an astroturf patch, held up with thin metal beams underneath it. I'm not sure what this prank would have accomplished. The mailbox wouldn't have fallen into the pit. It just got wobbly. Anyway, I ran off with my shovel (I had a shovel at this point) and darted around like a ninja, trying to be noticed by no one in this midnight suburban residential neighborhood with close houses and lots of foliage overhead. Kind of like North street. After a minivan came by and I kept out of the path of its headlights, I got to my own minivan and drove it away. Yeah, I could drive worth a damn in this dream, too.

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