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Strange highs and strange lows. This song reminds me of my friend who I wish was more than a friend. Really, most people I think of when I think of Depeche Mode do that, or at least did that. I dunno, maybe there is something linking "Depeche Mode" and "relationship" in my mind. "Precious" still makes me think of the girl I liked when it was out. Come to think of it, she started my long line of depressed/depressing love interests. Way to go, her. The girl who came close to ending me last year has "Personal Jesus." We filled that role for each other, more than anything else. I guess what happened between us was kind of like a deeply religious person finding indisputable evidence that there is no god, if you'll allow me the reference. A girl I only met a few times but talked to a lot on the internet has "Never Let Me Down Again." We were supposed to be in a band. I need to get at her about that, she hasn't come around in a while. So I guess that song title is pretty ironic. A girl who I think is married now has "The Dead of Night." I got rid of a lot of the music on my computer to get to know her better. It didn't really work, unfortunately. Live and learn, right? Of course, the girl I've been chasing for a while has "Strangelove" and "Black Celebration." I don't really think I need to explain about her. She is just very good. The new girl in my life, you know, there isn't really one that just jumps out at me. "Behind the Wheel" and "Home," to like a very limited extent, but none that I will just listen to and think "oh man, I wonder what she's up to right now." We'll see how it ends up.

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