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it began with a rain drop hitting the tip of my nose. then another slinding down the back of my neck. the world tuned grey and blue as the rain came pouring down on me. i ran, laughing under the ledge of a building and there you were. hair slicked back and rain drops dripping from your eye lashes. we smiled at each other, laughed alittle. waited for the rain to let up. you were so sexy. the smell of your body and the rain went straight to my head. i wanted you with a feirce determination. i think you sensed it too. when the rain had tuned into a light drizzle and i had learned your name and a few small tidbits about you i said goodbye and turned to go. you reached out and grabbed my hand. pulled me to you. bent your head close to mine and whispered into my ear. i felt the soft rasp of your lips against my skin and the warm breath against the shell of my ear. come with me~ you whispered and without thinking i followed you across the grass and across the street and into a building and down a hall and up stairs and into your room. i would have followed you farther. anywhere. it was the begining.

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