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Why do we spend so much time as females trying to make our lashes look longer and fuller and more pronounced? How is this really attractive? Seriously let’s think about this for a minute. We brush and coat and curl and for what to make our eyes look bigger? Like Elmo? When was the last time you heard someone say my god she’s hot look at those lashes. So full so supple. Yeah right! I just poked myself in the eye with my lash comb and I'm a little angry. I don't know why I spend so much fricken time doing this when it really amounts to nothing. It doesn't make me a better person and it sure as hell doesn't make me any smarter actually I’m more of an ass now with black mascara running down my cheek and right eye all red and blood shot. It's not like anyone notices anyway. It's a pointless routine I can't seem to break.

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I actually like my women with no eyelashes at all. You can find me prowling the burn units of hospitals on the weekends, looking for dates.

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I'm content with my lashes just as they are... if I wear mascara that's all I wear and it's to make me feel kinda girly on occassion... doesn't happen often... too much of a time issue. But I wonder things like that often. It kinda goes along the same lines of "Why do women have to have large, full, wet looking lips of some unnatural color that lasts for 8 hours without a smear or smudge?"

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A friend once forced me into letting her 'do' my face for a disco I was being made attend. I never wear makeup so I had no idea what half the crap she was painting on me was, but I DID recognise the eyelash curlers. 'Fuck that noise,' quoth mine inner geek, 'that's an implement of torture!'

I managed to persuade her my lashes were plenty curly already, but she did insist on the mascara.

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You forgot strangely fruit flavored green box. They must taste like a sweat strawberry anything other than skin. I often have issues with the whole "girl world" and all of its must do and must have's. Trust me I very rarely wear makeup. I’m not big with the hiding thing. I am who I am and there’s nothing I can do about that. I’ve tried and always end up right back where I started as me. Until someone once again points out that I am in fact a female and a little mascara won’t hurt and suddenly I’m back doubting myself trapped in that world hating myself all over again.

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Ah fuck. I have no eyebrows (trichotellamania, no, that's not an STD) and I haven't since I was fourteen. I can't count the number of women who have tried to sneak up on with and eyebrow pencil. "But you look weird' my sister, a cosmotologist, complains. Ain't no amount of eyebrow pencil gonna fix that. On occasion, when the stress is really bad, the eyelashes go too. I don't care, leave me alone. I'm not wearing fake ones unless they're strange colors and glittery, and I'm going out. As far as makeup, I love eyeshadow, I'm getting use to occasional lipstick, but I don't think I even own cover-up.

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