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You're stalking me. I'm not sure you realize this as you appear relatively naive, and bad at understanding social cues. When I say, "I have a bunch of stuff to do" that means, "please go away so I can get stuff done in peace" not "follow me back to my room and stare at me as I work."

You're an interestingish person, you just talk too much and have a tendency to try and stay within five feet of me at all times which is exceedingly annoying. I mean, seriously, you had the opportunity to go play games with others, meet new people and whatnot, and you prefered to lurk over my shoulder and watch me draw. Which annoys me even more than the whole 5 feet thing.

I almost thought you were going to "talk" with me tonight and I was prepared to say "I actually really don't like you. in fact I'd appreciate it if you'd just go away and never come back."

I realize I'm being a little cruel to you behind your back, but that's only because I can't seem to say anything horrible to your face. You haven't done anything horribly wrong, so I keep being nice to you. Damnit.

Please, if you know who you are, and who I am, just drop this whole silly thing. Your desperation is really a turn off, and I'd like it if you'd just try and be friends with other people too. It's just too much creepy for one person to handle.

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