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why don't people just say what they mean? tell me what's wrong, tell me how you feel! please. I'm too naive to try and second-guess anybody but myself.

you think it's endearing, I just find it frustrating. people are complicated enough without hiding their feelings as well. if you'd all just been open and honest about everything from the outset none of this mess would have happened, and I still feel like it's my fault anyway.

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You know, I think sometimes, we don't want to hear the truth. We block out the warning signs from the beginning thinking, "They can't really want to use me like that, right?" We see it coming, but we stay on the train tracks watching it come at us. And aren't we equally terrified to hear "I love you" from the very beginning. Scared we won't live up, or scared it'll fade. If everyone said what they really wanted from the very beginning, everyone would be too afraid to jump into a relationship. You don't learn to trust by spilling your guts on the first date, the way you don't learn to swim by jumping into the deepest ocean. We all have different reasons for not saying what we mean, for good or bad. I guess that's what I'm trying to say. Don't get too hard on yourself.

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this isn't first date territory though, really, we've been together for five years and while the 'oh this guy, can I sleep with him under our fuckbuddy agreement' that is new, my boy should really know by now to just say what he's feeling :/

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