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So, the other day, a friend and I decided to smoke some salvia and for the first time, ever, I had a very negative experience. There were five of us, total, going around in a circle for smoking. I went first. In my head I went flying off somewhere and at first it was great, so I'll not go into that. Then, all of a sudden I was being attacked by a vampire and he was pinning me down and I was struggling to get away and then I got this image of my body with my friends around all looking at me and I looked like I was possessed and it made me feel incredibly awkward. Knowing I was being watched when I had no control over my body really. Then I was back with the vampire man and I was being thrown about as though I were a rag doll. Needless to say, I physically have bruises on my arms and back. Then one of the boys said another one of the boys names and my essence was taken in by the vampire and spewed into oblivion and i started laughing and it was all okay again. But I've never been so afraid and so tossed about as I was that day. So, no more salvia on bloodmoons nor around so many people for me

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I say just don't do salvia in social situations at all, especially if you're with people that are going to be messing with you while you're tripping (and staring at you counts as messing with you).

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I certainly hadn't thought they'd stick around. Then, they stayed. I thought it'd be alright because it usually is....oh well no more of that

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