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A lot of my male friends confide in me on MSN about really personal stuff; their personal and sexual relationships, their state of mind, job worries, everything under the sun. I like helping them think through whatever's up and being a voice of reason when they're freaking out, and I feel kinda nice that they trust me with all this stuff even if some of them don't even know me offline - or maybe it's the ones who do that are placing more trust in me.

It's nice to be able to help them like this, but I often wonder if they'd still come to me for advice if they knew how incredibly insecure, neurotic and unhappy I am most of the time. It's easy to come across as calm and collected on the Internet, I guess!

On that note, I sometimes wish I had more people to confide my own worries in than just my boyfriend. But I've tried that before and it seems opening up to other people only leaves me worse off because I feel so vulnerable to them.

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I can relate. It kind of makes you feel like a phony to be offering advice on how to be happy, eh?

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More like, I wish when I took a step back for an objective look at my own problems that I could then do something about them instead of collapsing in on myself and just crying. But hey, ups and downs et cetera.

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