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I hate thinking. I think to much about things. Things work out better when I'm apathetic and don't care. I don't care about most things, I just wish I could extend that, control it.

Nothing works, everything I say and do is wrong. I just need to stop thinking. It would all work out if I could just stop thinking about it.

I don't care if it hurts, I want to have control.

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I struggle with this all the time. My very own sister has called me "souless". It's easier that way. Easier to say the things you mean regardless the outcome or who you may hurt for their own damn good.

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I understand too.... I over think things all the time, and things do seem easier when you don't care because you aren't thinking too much, etc. My sister has told me that she doesn't think I'm a good person because of my drive to push out the emotions. The down side to all of that is that you seem less personable the more apathetic you become because before you know it, you can't laugh unless it's fake, you can't cry, you can't get angry (not such a bad thing), then two years later, you find yourself in the most stressful situation and you've bottled all of these things for so long and they just have to explode.

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I completely understand. My apathy is what keeps me from falling a part. So when there is something that is bothering me that I can't just not care about I don't know what to do.

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