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Do you ever just wish you could take your brain out of your head before bed like a grandpa takes out his dentures? Plop it in a jar. Google says you have to take dentures out to prevent bacteria growth. Just drop them in the sterile solution and you’re good the next morning. Pop them back in and chew on your greasy hamburger, loaded with God knows what, and you’ll be fine because you’ll do it again at bedtime.
I want to do that with my brain. I’m tired of these nightmares. I want them to die in a sterile bath, a fresh new brain every morning so I don’t have to carry the weight of the night before. Life seems to be a lot like that questionable hamburger, but unfortunately I don’t get to scrub that grease off my brain. It seeps into the gyri and we all know bacteria likes damp dark places.
I dreamt of trying to save my cousins life the other night. That grease mixing with my logic. You can put lettuce on a hamburger but it doesn’t make it healthy. I kept trying to give CPR to a body I knew had been dead for over a year. But his spirit was there, desperately wanting me to save him- One time when we were kids his sister put a dishwasher packet in their step dads denture cup. He was dry heaving after exorcist puking. We were all interrogated.
I wonder if eating tide pods would help me purge my brain, like that. They smell really good, and my id brain really thinks it’s a fruit. It would probably be better than the grease. But unfortunately I am not gen Z, I have an ego and super ego to my brain, and I also don’t want to die, these days.
Dreaming of trying to save dead people, over and over really sucks. I just want a denture cup for my brain teeth, that’s all.

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