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Chicken breaded with captain crunch and then fried.... is amazing.

There was a restaurant near my old dorms that did it, and now me and my roomate make it now and then.

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I think that the only time that I've had Captain Crunch was when I was a little kid staying overnight at my grandparents' house and my grandfather got some for me. I think it was the peanut butter kind. I had never had any kind of sugary cereals before and I thought it was AMAZING. I had a little tape recorder that I carried around with me all the time at around that age (4 or 5) and I remember making a tape of myself loudly chewing Captain Crunch and talking about how awesome it tasted and how I was having fun having a sleepover at my grandparent' house. Captain Crunch still invokes feelings of being a little boy enjoying a brief moment of naive, youthful glee.

Also, it reminds me of how corporations are profiting off of pressuring kids to consume godawful amounts of candy and other sugar-infused food. Childhood diabetes. Obesity epidemic. Goddamn this culture.

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Delicious, delicious childhood diabetes! Good times! Seriously though, type 2's not all that bad. I know a couple guys who got it (other than myself, of course), and type 1's not really all that bad either, what with Pfizer developing inhalable insulin.

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so i'm sitting at my desk...but why does it smell like Captain Crunch? I don't have it, my roommate doesn't have it. my only guess is that somehow different odors have combined to create a "Captain Crunch smell."

...i'm not sure whether i should be afraid or highly amused by this, oh well. mmmm, i'm hungry.

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I find that you should be highly amused...such situations as this are to be laughed at

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