i said, "i know the fire will come for me one day, you don't even have to remind me anymore." the forces i play with and the fates i tempt daily, to remain ignorant of this would be folly

yet i remain for knowledge or security or comfort or direction or this is all just a test of faith which one way or another i'll be the last to know if i fail

shed no tear my smiling scarlet wine aging gracefully in the safety of the attic where its cool nonetheless occasionally disturbed in fits of nostalgia adding not refinement but emotion to taste

ask no questions, abandoned friends for those pave the road i walk today and left unchecked will lead you to the same end though for a select few no other end will do

though for now the clouds part freely for my gaze and the trees bend back to ease my passage i know that soon night will fall again

and i will die tired, lonely, far from home

i would not wish that upon you


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