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Is it really possible to heal? I mean beyond the physical I want my mind to heal and I want to get over everything keeping me still and trapped. I want to move on. I want to get away and stop thinking about it. I want not to care and not to feel and to be able to just file it all away never having to bring it up again. Why does it keep coming back up? Why do I have to apologies over and over for this one stupid little mistake pulling me back again and again? I hate that word. Heal. Move on. Get over it. It’s not possible. It’s a part of me now. A part that just won’t go away.

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You'll heal, just... You know how people will cut down trees and there's old pumps or pieces of fence in the heart of the tree? It's like that, for me anyway.

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ive wondered that too, i still have things that come back from years ago that influence what i do. even with no one around to pain me with those problems anymore, i alway seem to reason out my current situation to be a similar situation, regardless of what it may actually be at that time. tiny things that shouldnt matter to me come back and feel all the same, even though i rationally know it shouldnt.

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