All of my days seem so long, and I feel like I'm sinking into oblivion. I am constantly tired. Drained. Feeling low. I'm not happy right now. I'm rather depressed actually. The only thing that's keeping me afloat anymore is the hope that I can just look forward to something that promises to be fun or enjoyable. I'm hungry right now so I'm wondering if I actually want to eat. I'm unhappy with my appearance, with my general demeanor, with the way that everything is so overwhelming and I'm beginning to take it out on myself. Not physically, I refuse to cut anymore.

I'm going to request next Wednesday off work so that I can reboot and such not. Mostly so I can study for tests. Midterms are rapidly approaching and I don't think I like that plan. I've been in classes for a month and two days. Tomorrow is my hell day. Friday is what I look forward to. These things simply are right now. Tonight I AM going to be writing a plan for revision of my rough draft and then I'm going to study for Calculus. Silly tests....

For now, I'm going to have something small to eat and a bit of water before I go to class....


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