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Every time we see each other our kissing progresses. Last time we were almost making out in front of my house at 1 in the morning. I wonder how far we'll get next time.

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Hot! But remember.... practice safely

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Kissing can be so much more intimate than sex. Breathing in someone else’s breath tasting someone else knowing they’re feeling the exact same things. I’d rather make out any day than have sex every day.

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the ching of teeth, the pulsing tongue that follows, wet lips with saliva not your own. a hand wandering places usually covered.

a tangle of tongues.

teeth tear lips.

eyes closed.

my hand moves to your face. your hand moves to cup a breast. the moans, the groans, the grin.

My nails caress your back leaving faint marks along the brown of your tanned skin.

your tongue isn't slimy like the other, rather it's warm and moist. My mind turns smitten fast. And you tip me over on the floor.

Soon our minds turn to mush as the battle of tooth and tongue rages.

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I've never checked, but I always considered it making out when you press your body against someone else's, kiss alot, run your hands everywhere, and touch some inappropriate bits.

I don't know if that's right or not.


Making out n kissing and carressing, necking; sometimes a euphemism for sexual intercourse.

I've never heard it used as a euphimism for the boom boom before though. Might be a regional thing.

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I've never made out before, but from what I've heard it sounds like an enjoyable expirence. Well, that is if it's with someone that you really enjoy. I also heard that it's a bit of an addiction. I think I'd like it. I plan on trying it one day, but I don't think who I want to try it with will want to try it with me.

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