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I almost put a song about wanting to sleep with your friend on a valentine mix tape I'm making for a friend who has explicitly told me she doesn't want to sleep with me. Almost oops.

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Twenty minutes ago this track list was 30 minutes. Now it is 32. Basically, with all the adding and subtracting of songs, feeling their vibe, getting them to flow, it has taken me a third of an hour to add two minutes. I have been working on this for a good two and a half hours. It's side B, not even the important side! I guess they are both side A on this tape though. Normally I compile the list and side A is intense while side B is a "cool down" mix. This generally happens because I am emotionally worn out after half an hour of listening to songs, most times over and over, to make sure they all flow. But I did the true side A two nights ago, and am doing side B tonight, so I am not so tired. Which is to say, I wasn't when I started. Right now I am EXTREMELY tired. I almost put a Butthole Surfers song where one of my staple songs fits much better! I mean come on, me! You know, I should teach mixtape-making classes. It's a lost art, kinda like glassblowing. It doesn't matter if it's technologically obsolete and of kind of lower quality than a CD, a mixtape fucking means something!

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I'd so go to your mix-tape making class.

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Well if ever I am in your stomping grounds, I will try to set one up. Even a one-on-one. I will teach you secrets!

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