behave. all of you. no more fighting, no more lies. no more cheating and crying. no more melodramatic vows of pain.

stop acting like fools and take your lives in hand.

ok, so you love them and they dont love you back. i promise, i PROMISE that dogging their every step and writing them letters and trying to make "friends" will not make them love you.

stop trying to find someone better. why not try being happy with the one you are with? and if you are no longer happy, then do the grown up thing and leave.

c'mon now ladies and gents (lets not lie, its mostly the ladies in my life) pull yourselves together now.

you really should stop sticking your nose into other peoples business until you get your own act together.

oh, and i really do not want to be your friends so if you could please stop calling i would appreciate it.

wow. i feel better now.


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