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As I sit here, I can't help but think there's something I'm forgetting....something that will cause my doom in this or another class. I can't help but wonder if the keyboard markings on my computer screen are just not clean due to my putting of cleaning it is linked to my forgetting of something else.... I'm really exhausted right now. I've been enduring finals week with little sleep and a lot of fact the last several weeks have been incredibly stressful given the semester.

I just don't want to take my last two finals. Next semester will be better, can't I just be done?

I'm soooo tired.... just so very tired

I just want to close my eyes and drift off but in 10 minutes time I must begin my final and I must face the impeding doom that looms over my head. I hate how some kids plan out who's going to learn what and then cheat off of each other to seem so smart when really only one of them has a lick of intelligence that's shared for the lot. Pisses me off...

I work hard, I study hard, I try hard to learn the material and then regurgitate it on the papers of the tests but not them.... on no....

Professor has arrived.... it's time

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